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Web Services

The Web Services which constitute the public FileHold API are grouped into three separate applications which can work on different machines and have independent databases and other storage mechanisms, but share the same session and security information.

The Library Manager is the most important part of the FileHold system. It stores information about the library structure, documents and their metadata, provides mechanisms to search documents using various criteria and to perform operations on selected documents. It also stores and manages system and user preferences, views, virtual folders, etc.

The base URL of the Library Manager application is http://FHSERVER/FH/FileHold/LibraryManager/.

The Document Repository provides storage for the electronic documents and allows uploading and downloading files. It works in close cooperation with the Library Manager in order to ensure security and integrity of the data.

The base URL of the Document Repository application is http://FHSERVER/FH/FileHold/DocumentRepository/.

The User Role Manager provides information about users, groups and their permissions, both internally managed and retrieved from Active Directory. It is also a central point for managing sessions and ensuring security of all FileHold components.

The base URL of the User Role Manager application is http://FHSERVER/FH/FileHold/UserRoleManager/.